Rutgers Systems Research Lab (RSRL) Reading Group

Spring 2021

Date Conf. Paper Presenter
Jan. 13 N/A eBFP Jian
Jan. 20 OSDI '20 LinnOS: Predictability on Unpredictable Flash Storage with a Light Neural Network David
Jan. 27 EuroSys '20 Don't Shoot Down TLB shootdowns! Shaleen
Feb. 10 ATC '20 PinK: High-speed In-storage Key-value Store with Bounded Tails Yujie
Mar. 3 arXiv Montage: A General System for Buffered Durably Linearizable Data Structures Sudarsun

Fall 2020

Date Conf. Paper Presenter
Nov. 18 OSDI '20 AIFM: High-Performance, Application-Integrated Far Memory Shaleen
Nov. 25 OSDI '20 Fast RDMA-based Ordered Key-Value Store using Remote Learned Cache Yujie